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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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tonight. we have team three coverage, live, our greg argos is live in orlando but lets start with joe holden in the cbs-3 sat center with emotional sound from a philadelphia survival of the orlando massacre, joe. >> reporter: survivor speak in vivid detail, they recount moment by moment from memory, how a man shattered a party-like atmosphere with bullets and held them hostage n1 sense they are grateful to have survived, but feel guilty all the same. on the bloody floor of a nightclub bathroom. >> we laid there, for hours, and hours, hoping that someone came and got us and hoping that the police would come through at that point in time and save us all. >> reporter: patience carter was praying, she had already been shot, beside her in the pool of blood was her cousin akyra murray. she was barely breathing, this was supposed to be the start of an incredible vacation. >> we were having a time of our lives, akyra was the life of the party, literally and
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everybody loved her, everybody just adored her. >> reporter: akyra wouldn't survive, back home her close friend, said the lost cannot be described. >> she kept everybody's heart in the game, even if we were losing, she would have our spirits up, all the time. >> reporter: west catholic basketball stand out graduated last week. her close friend from overbrook just can't comprehend what happened. >> it is hard to imagine a whole bunch of people in the bathroom trying to get help. >> i can't even imagine that. >> reporter: akyra murray was heading to mercyhurst this fall on a basketball scholarship. she had recently netted 1,000 points, her future was bright, and now family and friend are devastate todd hear how a night of fun changed so drastically. >> it will be hard for her to put on a brave face for someone like her. i'm just sorry that she's gone. hopefully she's watching down on all of us. >> reporter: akyra's friend tell us they feel lost without her, she was the strong one in
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the crowd young woman full of life, they say a full of courage. funeral arrangements for akyra have have not yet been finalized. live from the sat center, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. south jersey man recounts how he and his best friend became separated trying to escape the gun man's rampage. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live in orlando with their story of survival, greg. >> reporter: jessica, both men were inside of that club, one was able to escape, the other shot multiple times. he was rushed to orlando regional medical center where the trauma team there began the very tough task, of saving his life. >> all i could hear was shotguns, one after another and people screaming, yelling for help. >> we both fell. >> unfortunately i was shot three times in my leg. >> i started running toward the exit and guy just kept shooting at us. >> reporter: jason gonzales and angel cologne were standing side by side at club
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pulse the momento mar mateen started firing. not knowing his friend was hurt jason kept running trying to escape. >> once i got to the doorway, people had fallen down doorway, there they were stuck in there they were stuck in the doorway. >> reporter: wildwood new jersey native somehow made it outside and then feared his friend was dead, until his phone rang. >> i get a face time and angel on the ground. he is crying. he is scared. he told me he got shot. >> reporter: fortunately police officers rush age toll orlando regional medical center where nurses, doctors and surgeons worked together to save his life. >> taking very good care of you. >> literally the minute we finished one room, one patient, we would go to the next patient. >> reporter: now out of the hospital angel is heading toward a full recovery.
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>> to see them happy, and healthy, it is the greatest thing you can imagine. that is why we do what we do. >> reporter: jason is so very happy he and angel made it out of club pulse alive. >> angel is a big hero. we were right next to each other. it is possible that angel took all those shots for us. we're just luck that i we're alive because there is so many people that lost their lives. >> reporter: jason says he is so very grateful for the first responders and men and women at the medical center who saved so many lives, by also asked jason whether he would, if he could, forgive the shooter and he simply responded with this quote, i just hope that guy is rotting in hell. we're live from orlando, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. back in our area jason's mother and sister are counting their blessings. >> i just want my blotter, to be okay.
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>> worst feeling in my life. thinking that, you know, my son could have been one of those, you know, people on the floor that person killed. >> jason gonzales lived in orlando for a decade making a home in the gay community and he tells "eyewitness news" as you heard with greg he appreciates the word of encourage. and prayers. we now know investigation into the shooting omar mateen has extended on his wife. sources tell cbs news nora salmon has been interviewed by federal investigators twice and given a polygraph. authorities are investigating whether the couple recently visited the night club's tack. an address on national security president obama called on congress to renew the assault weapons ban in the wake of the the massacre. the president however struck a more somber tone when addressing the victim. >> i remind them that they are not alone. the american people and our allies and friends all over
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the world stand with you and are thinking about you. they are praying for you. >> "cbs evening news" will have much more in the massacre in orlando. scott pelley will anchor live from florida tonight at 6:30 right after we sign off. the search is on for a suspect wanted in connection with the mysterious death of the woman in fairmount park. a young couple found the victim stabbed and handcuffed behind the man music center around 8:00 this morning. philadelphia police say woman has defensive wounds indicate ago this she for the back against her attacker. the investigators do not believe that she was sexually assaulted. >> horrific. >> we have a nut running around handcuffing would men. that is a lot to think about when you have a family with kids, you know, scars the hell out of you. >> police are working to identify the victim, she had three very distinctive tattoos: loyal across her chose, cash spelled with a k,
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and a dollar sign on her right wrist as well as a rose on her right thigh. police need your help finding the driver responsible for a deadly hit and run. seventeen year-old marcollege jackson was killed at adams and the boulevard late last night. during a press conference today police say they are searching for a light colored or silver minivan with a shot earth front window and front end damage. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight a flag day scare where onlookers got too close to the action, as a sky diver land in the crowd in philadelphia. and patty labelle is honored for more than just her music and she's not the only one the award she's receiving and why this year it is different, kate? all right. now to sports a walk and talk with phillies gm matt klentak a pitching debut reminiscent of the 1927, and who is this man in the photo? what is his store i he goes by
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the name of dick mahoney, a story that will make you drop what you are doing, don't miss this trust me sports up next.
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a sight gone wrong over independent mall in philadelphia "eyewitness news" cameras were there as giant american flag landed on spectators taking in an afternoon show. a sky diver was carrying the flag, as part of the stunt over the historic site and people were treated for minor injuries. honoraries of the
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prestigious marion anderson award have been announced. >> each year artist is recognized for their talent in addition to their contribute for humanity, and this year, multiple recipients chosen. patty labelle, and producers kennel game em and leon hoff. the award association president patrick more on says they are all deserving of the honor. >> the mission, to honor the unique power of artist that is changed the world. these are people hoff really change the world and change philadelphia. so, it was, you know, a real opportunity for us. >> for the first time at ward has partnered with the kimmel center, gala celebrating their three recipients will be held on november 15th. >> always a good time there. after a month-old hiatus freedom rising takes the stage again at sidney kimmel center, today. performances were put on hold in january, and, changes were made. now, and, it is audio and
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visual systems. kimmel foundation provided a two million-dollar grant for this project. and, philadelphia mayor jim kenney went back to school this morning. >> that is right he and councilman johnson visited students at the literacy academy on jackson street. during their visit they talk to the kid there, they did some reading and they spent sometime with the teachers. they also, got a tour of the school. >> very cool. >> don joining with us sports. >> yeah, guys, we were talking baseball. also talking about the future of the phillies. >> okay. >> as well. >> are you in. >> bright future. >> yes, yes. >> okay, good. >> i can say that. bright future for the phillies. spent sometime at the ballpark. i spoke to phillies general manager matt klentak, he is a rookie, fightins are in rebuilding mode and he is at head of the table making decisions. we talked and walked a whole lot of baseball talk. klentak wants to build phillies through pitching. young rotation has been a
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pleasant surprise, nola, eickoff, velasquez, today phillies sent zach eflynn to the mound, klentak was glowing about the kid. >> he has been learning this year. put away hitters when they get deep in the count. we feel like his time is right, he has had a very good first half with triple a and will get an opportunity tonight against toronto. >> so, this is it, kid gets an opportunity, phillies visiting blue jays, his first start in the majors. first punch out in the majors right there gets jose, joey bats family loving life. but in the first russell martin with the rbi single in the second. wheels starting to fall off early. now in the third, phillies down three to nothing. and car era that swing and you know, it is gone, two run shot to right. phillies down five to nothing. still in the third josh donaldson a grand slam. he gives up nine runs in less than three innings. worst debut for phillies
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pitcher since 1972. zach, hang in there kid you will get another shot against arizona it is okay. happens to the best. now time for real life urban legend, softball league in philadelphia player by the name of dick mahoney. his teammates knew very little about him only that he crushed home runs and wouldn't park his porsche near the field what did he do for the living? the answer, a little bit of this and a little bit of. that here's the pitcher of the softball team, several employees of our sister station kyw news radio are on this team. in that circle is dick mahoney, who, they have come to realize was eagles safety, walter thurmond. he disguised himself with the jeri curl wig and los angeles dodgers hat. ladies and gentlemen, the legend of dick mahoney. >> he did that. >> yes. >> that is sirca19 will 88.
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how about that, people on the team did not know that he was a starting safety, one of two, for the philadelphia eagles. >> how about that. >> he was quite the softball player. >> don, thanks. >> that is awesome. >> speaking of softball, not a bad day to get out there, and hit the ball. >> today is a good day to do anything outside, fan of running, exercising, i'm not really, but don is, run a few miles. maybe taking a dog for a walk through neighborhood if that is more your speed. beautiful evening. it will stay nice as we head through next couple of hours through the overnight hours, but then tomorrow things will start changing a bit. we have got some clouds moving in and that will bring the next system which could bring us wet weather before weekend is out. lets look outside in bethlehem, it is almost craze that i we're talking about tracking rain when we have this gorgeous evening underway, the sky is completely blue not a cloud in the sky, humidity,
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ridiculously low, dew points well below average for this time of the year and temperatures are very comfortable, couple degrees below average again today. storm scan three shows how clear it is, outside with high pressure overhead. we had a few passing clouds this morning, really great sights in the sky as well, rainbows and sun bows out there i tried to retweet a few of those. beautiful day for sky looking and nice night as well, lots of stars out tonight. cloud creep in midday tomorrow along this line, mainly clouds tomorrow, and then showers come through as we head into thursday. maybe friday morning. question is how far south does moisture push on friday and will we clear out to start the weekend. in the meantime, temperatures right now feeling good, 78 in philadelphia. 78 degrees in allentown. seventy-nine in atlantic city right where we should this be time of the year and 69 degrees in mount pocono. dew points, take a look at these, to points in the 40's, all across the region some spots have dew points in the
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30's earlier today and that is very low humidity, that is why it feels so fantastic outside. you may make such a difference this time of the year f it were in the 07's with dew points in the 60's it would feel like walking in the steam bath this feels amazing. future weather does show some changes. we will feel humidity pick up a little bit tomorrow. not bad. still pretty comfortable tomorrow but notice these clouds just lurking off to the west through the day, and as we wake up to sunshine enjoy it wheel we have it. this cloud deck starts to move in, and through the course of the day, maybe a stray sprinkle off to the south and west and bee 7:00 o'clock tomorrow evening the clouds win the battle and it is cloudy and damp through overnight hours. couple showers into thursday morning. they will be on and off through the day thursday this particular model wants to suppress everything further south. there is a chance it does stay to the north and we will get showers every where. this is best case scenario right here in our future weather model bye scattered showers on and off through the day thursday possibly thunder that includes the shore as well. we will see things push to the south on friday and gradual
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clearing as we get in the start of the weekend. for your thursday, lots of cloud, higher humidity. temperatures not as warm in the mid 70's but humidity will be more uncomfortable. scattered showers and thunderstorm possible. overnight we will drop to a comfortable 61. mainly clear. good night for sleeping. tomorrow sunshine giving way to increasing cloud. it is seasonal at 80 degrees. your shore forecast beautiful day tomorrow and then thursday, clouds and a couple of scattered showers. friday turns out mostly cloudy, turf say i'm optimistic about friday. there is a chance it pushes to the south f clouds do hang on mess likely down the shore many of us will see some sun peeking out friday afternoon, but gold star goes to the weekend because if you liked today, you'll love weekend. saturday 82. sunday same story and nice into next week. >> that is quite a forecast. >> thanks, kate. still to come, celebrating flag day, vittoria. >> happy flag take, everyone.
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250 students who dropped out of high school or came close to it now have diplomas. >> their ceremony just took place a few hours ago at liacouras center, philadelphia district attorney seth williams spoke to the graduates, and they were part of the education program which allowed them to complete their high school. congratulations. >> huge accomplishment. >> "cbs evening news" is just minutes away. scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott. >> hi rahel and jessica great to be with you in philadelphia today we got an inside look at the night club nightmare. we are hearing for the first time from some of those who witnessed the orlando shooting. plus who was the gun man omar mateen, we will have what investigators know now, and we will show you how people of
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orlando are expressing their grief, for those they never met, just ahead on the bs evening kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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a flag day celebration, in the birthplace of our nation, no surprise, philadelphia knows how to honor history. >> yes weeks do vittoria woodill is live at independent mall and a lot going on there today, vittoria. >> reporter: absolutely stars and stripes festival all over independent mall and at at the betsy ross house and on day is flag day. we are celebrating the history of our flag but for 13, brand new, newly naturalized americansthe flag is in the just the flag anymore, it is home. lets take a look. >> ♪ >> red for valor, white for hope and blue for justice, america is celebrated 239th flag day a day to reflect on our star spangled banner and what it means to every american who constructed this out of the hand of betsy ross. >> america is land of the free and land of opportunity, which is why the 13 in the front row have become citizens of this nation. the flags represent all that
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our country has to offer. >> reporter: today 13 men and women from 11 countries around the world became newly naturalized american citizen and the betsy ross house courtyard for the first flag of our nation was first birthed with 13 stars. >> after you take the oath of allegiance when you do or wave the flag of the united states, you will just feel a little bit different. >> raising their right-hand and reating same language first spoke in 1790 when the first naturalization laws were passed american flag now stand for the 13 new americans, as more than just a flag. what do you think of when you look at the american flag. >> i feel proud. >> i feel so happy to be here today. >> reporter: what does the american flag mean to you when you look at it. >> i feel it is my country now. i feel like i'm loyal to the united states now. >> to me right now it just shows that we have achieved
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something and we have accomplished and we have arrived and we're independent and we are strong. >> reporter: we can all share those same sentiments as our new americans share with us today. the flag makes you think of so many things and rahel and jessica, i want to know what it means to you but while you think about that i did want to remind everybody that is right, tomorrow torey is down the shore and that means we will be celebrate ago lieutenant of fun and let's just say it is not only sea gulls flying over the ocean i don't want to give ate way but tune into cbs philly tomorrow at 5:00 and 6:00 to find out. >> quite the tease there, vittoria. >> thanks, torey. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 "eyewitness news" returns at ten on our sister station cw philly. we will be right back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" tonight fear of violence is a constant reality for lb gt community, the pulse nightclub was targeted because of it clientele. we have coverage of the massacre in orland he live
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from florida, here now is scott ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: inside the nightclub nightmare. >> he shoots the gun next to me. i'm thinking i'm next, i'm dead. >> i begged god to take the soul out of my body because i didn't want to feel any more pain. >> the image in his face will haunt me for the rest of my life. he looked at me and he just said, "take care of me. please, don't leave me." >> i feel guilty about screaming about my leg legs and pain becai could feel nothing. like the other 49 who weren't so lucky. >> it wasn't a gay hate crime. this was hate on people. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley, reporting tonight from orlando.


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